Partnership with B3CF INSIGHTS™

With the ability to reach many thousands of dynamic and useful businesses across the Commonwealth, becoming a partner of B3CF Insights provides your business with the potential for access and exposure throughout our networks. Partnerships are available in various shapes and sizes and are tailored to the needs of your organisation or company. For full information of how to benefit from a partnership with B3CF Insights, please contact us:
Vladislav Dobrokhotov
+358 (0)44 2094942


This level of partnership is of most benefit to organisations with a focused strategy and outlook to develop business and brand presence and activities throughout the Commonwealth and Finland, or key markets and / or regions. The aim of this level of partnership is to create a customised and practical programme with our Commonwealth Strategic Partner which is designed to specifically help the partner reach set objectives to develop its marketing strategy, also through the B3CF Insights platform.

This relationship compliments and enhances, but does not replace, our existing B3CF Patron’s package.


These are companies, including Patron members, with whom B3CF has specific working relationships. They provide added benefits to B3CF members and Insights subscribers. Benefits can include access to special or discounted services.